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    Avacs Live Chat


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    Avacs Live Chat Empty Avacs Live Chat

    Post by not Mon May 02, 2011 8:49 pm

    Avacs Live Chat is the free dating chat application for mobile phones and computers, with this you can chat all the time, everywhere, and also you will meet friends from all over the world, not just a friends can you get, even also get a boyfriend / Spouse with Avacs. You can upload your photo, fill out your questionnaire, make your own room space, a public community or private room. List of contacts, colorful messages, exchange music, pictures, files and a bunch of cool animated smileys and avatars. Avacs Live Chat are application that is right for you, and 100% comfortable to chat because each room has its own moderator to set "READ ONLY" for the culprit, and many other interesting things you can do.

    From now you can add / remove users in your contacts list, black list, just read the list, the list moderator, list of invited via drag and drop or popup menu in the web version

    Join with us!
    Avacs Live Chat 01Avacs Live Chat 02Avacs Live Chat 03Avacs Live Chat 04Avacs Live Chat 05Avacs Live Chat 06Avacs Live Chat 07Avacs Live Chat 09

    With the mobile version of Avacs,You can also play roulette using your "purse" as your bet, which can you get via purchase from official merchants through transfer of money or via sms.

    - Start to Chat from computer
    - Start chat with mobile phone by downloading Mobile chat wap site

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    Avacs Live Chat Empty Re: Avacs Live Chat

    Post by maakera Thu May 05, 2011 11:05 am

    you already posted this...

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